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Summer Schools in England, Wales and Scotland

To learn English very individually [ˌɪndɪˈvɪʤuəlɪ]

The Oxford English Dictionary comprises 600,000 words. For Future Perfect only one word counts: YOU. For us, it is a prerequisite that the stay at a summer school will be an unforgettable experience.

What makes a summer school in England, Wales or Scotland so special? On the one hand there is the first-class classroom setting for EAL students, on the other hand, summer school students profit from the extensive range of sports and leisure facilities at British independent schools. 

These facilities are used to provide for a varied free-time programme and enriched by trips and other fun activities. English is the connecting language between students from all over the world and everyone wants to connect which motivates the young learners enormously.
As many of the selected summer school offers integrate native- and non-native speakers, learning progress is fast, ensuring that the English acquired is natural and authentic.

Things to Know About Summer Schools in England, Wales and Scotland:

How do we find the right summer school for our child?

Summer schools have various focus areas, they vary in length, age groups and curriculum. As there are many different summer schools, it is best to discuss the offers in detail in person. The best thing about them is that they are all so much fun – in fact it makes many parents wish they were kids again!

General framework

In a one-to-one chat we’ll get to know your child and his/her interests. This can take place in our offices in Vorarlberg, at your home or via video-call. Together we can set the scene and clarify the following points:

  • Where would you like to go? England, Wales or Scotland, to the sea or the countryside?
  • What are the main objectives of your trip/stay?
  • How many hours of English classes should your child have each day? Lessons in the morning and/or additional courses?
  • Which hobbies does your child have? Are they interested/active in a particular sport and would like to get extra practice or does he/she want to try out new sports? This is important as not all boarding schools offer the possibility of horse riding or water sports for example.
Choice of summer school
As soon as we have a detailed picture of what the ideal summer school for your child should look like, we choose options for you and check availability. After that you can decide on your favourite. If you like, we can draw up a shortlist together and discuss the different offers. We will also assist you with the actual booking and travel preparations. Finally, we will remain your contact person before and during your child’s stay abroad.
Costs of summer schools
The costs of a summer school in England, Wales and Scotland consist of language courses and free-time activities and include full board. A week is between 1,000 and 1,500 GBP. There are additional expenses for travel and pocket money. The total costs for a two-week summer school programme will be between € 2,500 and € 3,500.

An Extract of our Summer School Programme:

ISSFT Oxford (International Summer School for Teens) 

Situated on the university campus and in the heart of the university city of Oxford, ISSFT allows teenagers to experience first-hand what university life is all about. In the morning, students have lessons in their subject(s), while in the afternoon they spend time in their chosen academy (tennis, golf, rowing, photography or theatre). Excursions take them to different cities such as Cambridge or Stratford-upon-Avon, for instance. The top quality of ISSFT is also evident in the fact that many native speakers attend this Summer School and that each language does not exceed 10% of the total number of visitors. Real added value is therefore guaranteed!


14-18 years


60 minutes from London Heathrow


5. July 2023 - 28. July 2023

30. July 2023 - 19. August 2023


GBP 6.950,- (all-inclusive; incl. health and travel insurance, accommodation in a single room, airport tranfer from and to London Heathrow)



ISSFT Sterling
(International Summer School for Teens)

The Scottish town of Sterling is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is located between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Each summer, ISSFT resides on the university campus and offers students a true Scottish school experience, including a clan system and typical Scottish clan games. While Native and Non-Native speakers have a choice of eight subjects in the morning, in the afternoon they attend their chosen academy, such as coding, golf, film or sports leadership. In addition to that, there is always time for yoga, fencing, a cooking or art workshop, trampolining and much more. Guided excursions take students to some of Scotland's most popular tourist destinations.



12-17 years



40 minutes from Edinburgh Airport 



1. July 2023 - 21. July 2023

23. July 2023 - 12. August 2023



GBP 5.950,- (all-inclusive; incl. health and travel insurance, accommodation in a single room, airport tranfer)



Sevenoaks Summer School

Sevenoaks is one of the world's leading IB schools and boasts first-class classrooms and sports facilities, beautifully maintained boarding houses and top teaching personnel. What makes this academically challenging summer programme so special is that it is designed and taught by in-house teachers.

The Summer Programme:

During the 43 lessons per course, students explore subjects such as Creativity, Social Leadership, Critical Thinking and Digital Skills. A wide range of sports and creative activities are also offered. The course is particularly suitable for ambitious young people and for students who would like to transfer to an English school.

English Language Course:

This course helps to improve your language skills. The leisure programme is the same as that of the summer programme.


11-17 years


30 minutes from London

30 minutes from Gatwick Airport

60 minutes from London Heathrow


5. July 2023 - 19. July 2023

19. July 2023 - 2. August 2023


The Summer Programme: (B2+ level)
GBP 4.700,- (all-inclusive)

English Language Course: (A2+ level)
GBP 3.700,- (all-inclusive)



Earlscliffe Easter and Summer Courses

The campus of Earlscliffe, which is located in Folkestone, is just a few minutes' walk from the beach and the town centre. Only recently renovated, the 2-3 bed rooms all have an integrated bathroom. Furthermore, students can enjoy campus facilities to play volleyball, basketball, badminton, billiards and table tennis in their free time. 

The school offers four different summer courses and each programme can be complemented with additional modules - this allows participants to tailor their own ideal course. The 2 excursions per week take students to London, Canterbury, Leeds Castle or Thorpe Amusement Park. The half-day excursion includes trips to Ashford Designer Outlet or Folkestone.

Extras such as an excursion to the Harry Potter Studios or a visit to a musical in London's West End are available at extra cost. The stay can also be customised with, for example, a course in stand-up paddling, paintball or 1:1 English lessons.

Early Bird Bonus:
Those who book a summer course before 31. March 2023 pay 100 GBP less per week!



Think Global: 13-17 years (A2+ level)

Sustainable Futures: 14-17 years (B1+ level)

Mini-MBA: 15-17 years (B2+ level)

Breaking Digital: 14-17 years (B2+ level)

Uni-Prep: 16-17 years (B2+ level)



70 minutes from London Gatwick 

90 minutes from London Heathrow


Dates & Costs: 

Easter Course (2. April 2023 - 15. April 2023)

1 week: GBP 1.495,-
2 weeks: GBP: 2.245,-

Think Global
(25. June 2023 - 12. August 2023 / 2-7 weeks bookable)
per week: GBP 1.495,-

Sustainable Futures, Mini MBA, Breaking Digital (25. June 2023 - 5. August 2023)
2-week course: GBP 3.275,-

Uni-Prep (25. June 2023 - 8. July 2023)
2 weeks: GBP 3.395,-

Gordonstoun Summer School (GISS) 

Gordonstoun brings together native speakers and children and young people for whom English is a second language for three and a half weeks of fun, friendship and, for many, the summer of a lifetime. The facilities on campus such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, workrooms, photo lab, kitchen, etc. are used for various activities - those who want to go horseback riding or golfing, enjoy go-karting or practice clay pigeon shooting also have the opportunity to do so.

While children from Australia or Great Britain learn French for one or two hours in the morning or improve their English writing style in a writing workshop, non-native speakers have an English unit at the appropriate language level in class sizes of about 6 students.


8-16 years


45 minutes from Inverness Airport 

90 minutes from Aberdeen Airport 


7. July 2023 - 31. July 2023

14. July 2023 - 7. August 2023


Price for 3.5 weeks: GBP 6.100,- (activities, entrance fees, transfer from/to Inverness or Aberdeen, accommodation, meals, laundry service and insurance are included)



ISSOS Cambridge  

The 3-week all-inclusive summer programme in Cambridge mixes native and non-native speakers and limits each nationality to 10% of participants. At one of the UK's most prestigious universities, learning is combined with creative and sporting activities, adventure and cultural programming. In addition to an academic subject (Journalism, Business & Entrepreneurship, Debate, Advanced English or Study Skills), students choose an extra activity such as Outdoor Leadership, Photography, Theatre or Tennis in advance. This varied schedule guarantees an unforgettable and enriching time for each individual participant!



16-18 years



30 minutes from Stansted Airport



12. July 2023 - 2. August 2023



GBP 6.900,- (all-inclusive)


ISSOS St Andrews (International Summer School of Scotland) 

ISSOS guarantees a truly international experience - native and non-native speakers are mixed in all activities and each nationality makes up a maximum of 10% of the total number of participants.

Students choose one academic subject (Debate, Study Skills, Youth Leadership, English Language, Advanced English, Creative Writing or IB-Extended Essay) and one elective (Golf, Art, Tennis, Theatre or Film). In addition, there are numerous sports and leisure activities, Highland Games, excursions and a varied evening programme. Living on the spacious, beautiful campus of the world-renowned University of St Andrews provides a first taste of university life and a safe environment for all participants.


13-18 years 


70 minutes from Edinburgh Airport


5. July 2023 - 23. July 2023

26. July 2023 - 6. August 2023 


GBP 6.900,- (all-inclusive)


St Clare´s Oxford - Juniors 

Juniors at St Clare's Oxford Summer School are housed on their own campus with plenty of green space and a swimming pool. In this safe environment, children can move freely and spend a lot of time outdoors playing sports and games.

Three different courses with different thematic focuses are available. During leisure time, an experienced team takes care of the students' well-being and ensures that the group grows together and everyone feels comfortable with numerous team-building games and activities. A varied programme ensures lots of fun and action every day.



Active English: 9-15 years

Magic in Oxford: 10-15 years

Young Leaders in Oxford: 13-15 years



60 minutes from London Heathrow


Dates & Costs:

Active English:
from 9. July 2023, 23. July 2023, 30. July 2023 or 6. August 2023

2 weeks: GBP 2.890,-
3 weeks: GBP 3.995,-

Other courses:
Active English and the Arts
Active English and Multi Sports 


St Clare´s Oxford - Teenagers 

At this international IB school in the university city of Oxford, students enjoy a little more freedom during the school year and summer school than elsewhere. There is no closed campus, as the school and boarding school buildings are spread over several streets in the middle of a safe residential area, only 1 km from the city centre.

Young people have a choice of six different courses with different thematic orientations. Guest speakers and educational trips to the university, museums, galleries and businesses enrich the learning experience and provide insight into Oxford's academic, artistic and business life. In the afternoon, in addition to various sports and leisure activities, there are opportunities to visit cultural attractions in the city and surrounding area. In the evenings, students meet for a table tennis tournament, karaoke or a talent show.


14-17 years


60 minutes from London Heathrow


various dates in June, July and August


from GBP 1.968,. for two weeks (duration: 2-4 weeks) 



St Clare´s Oxford - Adults 

Adults aged 17 and over can also enjoy themselves at St Clare's Oxford, both in the summer and all year round. The school does not have an enclosed campus - rather, the college, with its school and boarding buildings, is integrated into the cityscape, and there is a supermarket, café and bookshop in the immediate vicinity. The historic city centre is only one kilometre away.

The school offers a variety of courses to best meet the needs of each individual participant. From "English for Life" to "English for Exams", Leadership or English and Culture to university preparation courses - the college puts together varied courses, enriched by study visits and guest speakers. Adults can also sign up for cultural, social and sporting activities and excursions during their non-class time to immerse themselves even more deeply in English culture. Accommodation is available on campus or with host families.



17+ years



60 minutes from London Heathrow


Dates & Costs:

Duration and dates vary depending on the course

Course fee approx. GBP 732,- for 2 weeks


Felsted International Summer School 

Founded in 1564, Felsted School has a long history and a wealth of experience in education and personal development. Felsted International Summer School benefits from this wealth of experience and can draw on the full range of modern boarding accommodation and dedicated teaching staff.

The integration of British students in the Summer School makes this summer programme special. In addition to English or Global Studies, participants choose an academy in advance, which they attend four days a week in the afternoon. While some focus on mathematics or science, others prefer fashion, theatre, music or various sports. All students are kept busy from morning to night with a varied programme and excursions, so there is no time for homesickness. 


Juniors: 8-11 years 

Seniors: 12-17 years 


20 minutes from Stansted Airport

60 minutes from London City Airport

70 minutes from Luton Airport

90 minutes from Heathrow and Gatwick Airport


2. July 2023 - 13. August 2023 (Sun-Sun; minimum length of stay: 2 weeks)

2 weeks: GBP 2.800,-
3 weeks: GBP 3.800,-
4 weeks: GBP 5.000,-
6 weeks: GBP 7.000,-



Kilgraston International Summer School 

Kilgraston is situated in the Scottish Highlands and is only a stone's throw from mountains, rivers and the coast. Edinburgh is less than an hour away and is a popular destination to visit during the Summer School.

The General English Programme consists of 2 hours of English to strengthen the 4 skills and one hour of project lessons in the morning. In the afternoon, the children either choose a sports academy (horse riding, tennis, golf, hockey) or opt for Outdoor Adventure, Multi-Arts or Multi-Sports. All options are also available to local Scottish children, making the language experience even more immersive.



Juniors: 8-12 years

Seniors: 13-17 years 



40 minutes from Edinburgh Airport 



25. June 2023 - 6. August 2023 (Sun-Sun)



1 week GBP 975,-

2 weeks GBP 1.950,-

3 weeks GBP 2.815,-

4 weeks GBP 3.780,-

(Surcharge for some academies such as Horse Riding, Golf, Hockey, Outdoor Adventure and Tennis)


Haileybury International Summer School

At this beautiful, historic boarding school between London and Cambridge, children and youngsters will find a safe and comfortable environment with fantastic sports facilities. Interesting lessons challenge students to use and improve their English skills and broaden their subject and cultural knowledge.

Students enjoy active learning workshops in museums and galleries in London, Oxford, Cambridge or Greenwich and learn about different attractions and places of interest in the UK. Each week, students choose a focus activity, ranging from football, tennis and hockey to street dance, glee club (singing and movement), Krav Maga (martial arts) and the Great British Bake Off.


11-16 years

English+ Academic 
12-17 years 


30 minutes from London Stansted Airport 

50  minutes from London Heathrow Airport 


9. July 2023 - 22. July 2023

23. July 2023 - 5. August 2023 

6. August 2023 - 19. August 2023 


Price for 2 weeks
GBP 3.600,- (all-inclusive, without insurance)

Price for 4 weeks
GBP 7.100,- (all-inclusive, without insurance)

Price for 6 weeks
GBP 10.500,- (all-inclusive, without insurance)



BSS (British Summer School) 

British Summer School offers six different courses for 6-20 year olds at four different boarding schools around London. Courses start every Sunday, with a flexible length of stay of two or more weeks. The True Me programme of age-appropriate activities focuses on strengthening personal wellbeing and confidence, and promotes mindfulness and authenticity.

The course content aims to make young participants future ready. Skills relevant to the 21st century are fostered, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. While there is a great sports and leisure programme on campus in the afternoons during the week, city trips, a trip to the seaside or a visit to a theme park take place on Saturdays and Sundays. Popular destinations are London, Bath, Cambridge, Brighton, Eastbourne, Legoland or Chessington World of Adventure.



Explorers of the Future: 6-11 years (Cumnor)
Adventurers of the Future: 9-14 years (Worth)
Citizens of the Future: 12-17 years (Oundle)
Academics of the Future: 12-17 years (Worth)
Leaders of the Future: 15-20 years (Herstmonceux)
Scientists of the Future: 16-20 years (Herstmonceux)



60 minutes from London Heathrow
90 minutes from London Gatwick

45 minutes from London Heathrow
10 minutes from London Gatwick

100 minutes from London Heathrow
75 minutes from London Stansted

90 minutes from London Heathrow
60 minutes from London Gatwick


Dates & Costs: 

from 25. June 2023 - 12. August 2023
(varies at the different locations)

between GBP 1.400,- and 1.600,- per week (all-inclusive, without flight)

Day Camp for 6-12 year olds: GBP 950,- per week


Bishop´s Stortford College International Summer School

Conveniently located on the outskirts, amidst safe and scenic surroundings, the historic Bishop's Stortford College is characterised by its first-class living, learning and sporting facilities. A variety of stores, cafés and restaurants are located just a short walk from campus, offering students the opportunity to make unforgettable memories together with pupils from all over the world.

In addition to daily English lessons, excursions to Oxford and London, sporting events, and many other adventurous activities, students are able to choose preferred courses such as Intensive English, Creative Arts, or Sports Coaching to further enhance their skills in these fields. Of course, all participants will receive a final certificate, which will be awarded during a ceremonial certificate ceremony at the end of the programme. 


8-17 years


20 minutes from Stansted Airport 

60 minutes from LHR


- Course 1: 4.7.23 - 18.7.23

- Course 2: 18.7.23 - 1.8.23

- Course 3: 1.8.23 - 15.8.23


GBP 2.400,- (airport transfer and travel and accident insurance included)


Taunton International Summer School 

Whether it's the STEM Academy for those interested in science, the Cooking Academy for those who want to venture into the world of culinary arts, or the Multi-Sports Academy, which offers participants the opportunity to try out a variety of sports - the Junior Academy at Taunton International Summer School offers a balanced range of academic subjects, sports, activities and excursions for children aged 8-12.

For older students (13-17 years), the Senior Academy likewise offers a variety of specialisations such as golf, business, performing arts or tennis. Plus: Taunton International Summer School also runs preparatory courses for GCSE, A levels and the IB Diploma. More information on request!



8-17 years



60 minutes from Bristol airport
120 minutes from Heathrow airport



Course 1: 1.7.23-15.7.23

Course 2: 15.7.23 - 29.7.23

Course 3: 29.7.23 - 12.8.23



GBP 2.915,- (airport transfers for selected airports and travel and accident insurance included)

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+43 650 2101470
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