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Boarding Schools and Summer Schools in Great Britain. Together we will find the perfect school ever [ˈevəʳ] for your child.

Up, up and away to England! Or how about a year in Wales or Scotland? No doubt, a stay abroad is the perfect opportunity to learn English and to broaden your horizons. Attending a boarding school or a summer school - for a summer or for several years – there are plenty of possibilities and opportunities for teenagers to live and study abroad and to pave the way for the future. However, which offer best suits your child?

We at Future Perfect take our time to advise you individually and personally, to get to know your child, to listen attentively to the talents and interests of each pupil. Because only if it feels right will it be good.

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Important Facts Around Boarding Schools:

Duration of stay at a boarding school
  • Three or six months: those who only want to spend a short time abroad can attend a boarding school for one or two terms. The term dates are from September to Christmas, from January until Easter and from Easter until the summer holidays. This is ideal to improve your English skills, to gain first experiences abroad and to become a lot more independent.

  • A whole school year: after twelve months in an English-speaking country pupils have - in most cases - gained a very good command of the English language. Teenagers can easily communicate with colleagues which strengthens their personality and some literally surpass themselves. What’s more, a year abroad is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for an international college.


  • Two or more school years: pupils abroad can bring their English to perfection and finish life at boarding school with their A-Levels or an IB Diploma. It is the ideal opportunity to lay the foundations for an international career, to stand on your own two feet and to establish contacts.
The right age and the best time

It is advisable to make the transition to a boarding school right at the beginning of a school year – regardless of how long your child wants to stay abroad. After the summer holidays the pack is often reshuffled in the boarding houses which makes it easier to integrate and find friends. Entering the 8th, 9th or 10th form of the English school system (LINK School System) are ideal moments for transition. A change of schools is more likely approved by the Austrian / German schools as well as the schools in the UK at this stage. Children should be about 12 years old and show enthusiasm towards spending time abroad.

Cost of boarding schools

Costs for boarding schools in England, Wales and Scotland are calculated per term. They range around 11,600 GBP. Additionally, there are expenditures for school uniform, visa, school material, guardian, and pocket money. A guardian is a reference person for the international pupil in the UK.

Overall, parents should calculate between 40,000 EUR and 50,000 EUR for a school year of three terms including additional expenses. Pupils who have a gift for sports or are musically or artistically talented have the opportunity to apply for a partial scholarship at the respective boarding school. We can look into this for you in advance and help you with the application.

Transfer of school fees

There are fast and safe solutions to transfer school fees abroad. The following financial institutions have specialised in foreign remittances:

VFX Payment Solutions


Applying for a visa
Standard Visitor Route: Pupils from the EU or the EEA, who do not study in the UK longer than six months, do not need a visa. They receive a Standard Visitor Route when entering GB. They simply need:
  • Biometric passport 
  • Proof of private health insurance and foreign travel health insurance
  • Confirmation of boarding school about the stay there
Child Student Visa: Students between 4 and 17 years of age who stay in GB longer than six months and are from the EU or EEA area need a Child Student Visa.  Attention: What matters is the pupil’s age at the time of application, not at the start of the journey. Besides the application of the visa, you will also need to pay an insurance fee for the National Health Service. We are happy to inform you in detail, further information can also be found at Student Visa: This type of visa is applicable for people over 18. You need it if you spend more than six months in the UK. Again, the age at the time of application is important, not at the start of your journey. You receive all the information around the Student Visa online. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
The English school system
Early practice makes the master! In Great Britain children start school at the age of five. They attend school for 13 years. Don’t forget - due to the early school entrance age there is a time shift. Therefore, the English 9th form equals the 8th form in Germany and the 4th form of secondary school in Austria. The 10th form equals the 9th academic year and so on.
School leaving certificates

The international school leaving certificate: International Baccalaureate Diploma IB
Those who have an IB diploma in their pocket know all doors open to them. Due to its international comparability, this school leaving certificate is accepted at almost all universities around the world. It is regarded as the most demanding school-leaving qualification.

Like in Germany, during the last two years of senior school (12th and 13th year of the British school system) the choice of subjects is diversified. Pupils choose six major subjects from at least five different areas three of which are attended in the higher level. The remaining three subjects are completed at standard level. Main subjects are the pupil’s mother tongue, a foreign language, mathematics, sciences, social sciences, and art.

What is more, IB diploma candidates have to accomplish 150 hours of extra-curricular activities in areas such as sports, art and social service, participate in the course “Theory of Knowledge” and submit an extended essay (EE).

The subject-linked school leaving certificate: A-Levels
With the traditional British school leaving certificate known as A-Levels, graduates have access authority to all universities in the UK. To be granted access to universities in Switzerland, The Principality of Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany the right combination of subjects in senior school is vital. Different from the IB diploma, A-Level pupils choose three to four subjects out of 40 different subjects. This means, pupils concentrate on only a few subjects which are taught with a high number of lessons in Lower Sixth Form (A1, British Year 12) and Upper Sixth Form (A2, British Year 13). This is ideal for everyone who already knows their professional direction and field of study at university. With the right subject combination students can successfully study at universities in their home country, too.

General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSEs
GCSEs are the first important school leaving certificate in secondary school. It is equal to the secondary-school-leaving certificate in Germany and is taken in 8-15 subjects. The GCSE curriculum stretches over two years from Year 10-11 in the British school system. In Austria this period equals 5th and 6th Year of high school. Afterwards pupils continue with their A-Level or IB programme.

Application to a Boarding School. With system and success, but without   [wɪˈðaʊt] stress

Step 1:
Consulting with Future perfect

Boarding schools in England and Scotland are not all the same and have different focus areas. To find the right school for your child it is best to meet in person in the region of Vorarlberg or to arrange a meeting via video-call. We can then get to know you and your child and get a better feeling for the individual preferences and needs of your child. We look into the strengths and interests as well as academic abilities and personality of the student. Is your child outgoing or rather an introvert, what are his/her needs?

Important points to be clarified in a mutual talk:

  • Ideal point in time and duration of stay abroad
  • Subject combinations, co-curricular subjects, possible diplomas
  • Costs of school and boarding, visa application, scholarships
  • Daily routines, extra-curricular activities, situation in boarding houses, catering

We take our time for all your questions, such as:
When do we have to decide for a school to meet the application deadline?
Does the child have to have a certain level of English and take an English preparation course prior to his/her year abroad?
When are the times for a flight home or a visit of the parents?
Are the children accompanied on their way to the airport?
How do we find a guardian for our child?
Are particularly the younger pupils permanently supervised?
How much luggage is appropriate? What may the child bring along to feel at home in the boarding house?
How and when do we get the school uniform? What happens if the trousers are too short or the blazer too long and school starts the next day?

Step 2:
The Application Process at the Boarding School

As soon as we have a clear profile of your child, we look for suitable boarding schools for you and present these schools to you. Together we select the favourites and we contact the schools for you to ask if they have availability in the following school year. To start the application process, we need the following:

  • Your child’s last two school reports 
  • A current photo of your child
  • A self-description in English, approx. 1 DIN-A-4 page
Step 3:
Visiting Trip

If a longer stay abroad is planned, we recommend visiting one, two or three favourite schools in person. This helps you get a good impression of the school. Furthermore, we have realised the gut feeling of your child is a vital factor to tell whether a stay at the boarding school will be successful or if it is advisable to look at another school. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many boarding schools currently offer virtual tours of their schools and online meetings with the head of school, head of admissions, teachers, student representatives and house parents. We at Future Perfect are happy to organise all these appointments for you. Should your child need to take an acceptance test, we will support you with that, too.

Step 4:
The final decision

After some time your child will receive one or two available places at a boarding school. Let us know if we can assist you with your final decision, if you would like us to analyse the pros and cons together again.

Important: Future Perfect will remain at your side before and during the stay abroad. Let us know if you have questions or need support. We will stay in touch with you and be there for you.


Summer Schools in England, Wales and Scotland. Learn English individually        [ˌɪndɪˈvɪʤuəlɪ].

The Oxford English Dictionary comprises 600,000 words. For Future Perfect only one word counts: YOU. For us, it is a prerequisite that the stay at a summer school will be an unforgettable experience.

What makes a summer school in England, Wales or Scotland so special? On the one hand there is the first-class classroom setting for EAL students, on the other hand, summer school students profit from the extensive range of sports and leisure facilities at British independent schools. These facilities are used to provide for a varied free-time programme and enriched by trips and other fun activities. English is the connecting language between students from all over the world and everyone wants to connect which motivates the young learners enormously.
As many of the selected summer school offers integrate native- and non-native speakers, learning progress is fast, ensuring that the English acquired is natural and authentic.

We want to help you find exactly the right one for your child and guide you through the application process. That is why we are there for you from Monday to Sunday to support you with passion, empathy and expertise in your decision!
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Things to Know About Summer Schools in England, Wales and Scotland:

How do we find the right summer school for our child?

Summer schools have various focus areas, they vary in length, age groups and curriculum. As there are many different summer schools, it is best to discuss the offers in detail in person. The best thing about them is that they are all so much fun – in fact it makes many parents wish they were kids again!

The general framework

In a one-to-one chat we will get to know your child and his/her interests. This can take place in our offices in Vorarlberg, at your home or via video-call. Together we can set the scene and clarify the following points:

  • Where would you like to go? England, Wales or Scotland, to the sea the countryside?
  • What are the main objectives of your trip/stay?
  • How many hours of English classes should your child have each day? Lessons in the morning and/or additional courses?
  • Which hobbies does your child have? Are they interested/active in a particular sport and would like to get extra practice or does he/she want to try out new sports? This is important as not all boarding schools offer the possibility of horse riding or water sports for example.
Choice of summer school
As soon as we have a detailed picture of what the ideal summer school for your child should look like, we choose options for you and check availability. After that you can decide on your favourite. If you like, we can draw up a shortlist together and discuss the different offers. We will also assist you with the actual booking and travel preparations. Finally, we will remain your contact person before and during your child’s stay abroad.
Costs of summer schools
The costs of a summer school in England, Wales and Scotland consist of language courses and free-time activities and include full board. A week is between 1,000 and 1,500 GBP. There are additional expenses for travel and pocket money. The total costs for a two-week summer school programme will be between € 2,500 and € 3,500.

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Our agency specializes in boarding schools in England, Wales and Scotland. We want to help you find exactly the right one for your child and guide you through the application process. That is why we are there for you from Monday to Sunday to support you with passion, empathy and expertise in your decision!
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